Low-cost, comfortable, and safe trips with inDrive
The inDrive service allows you to quickly find a driver and comfortably travel long distances with other passengers or alone
What makes us different from the rest?
Freedom of choice
Choose the best offer
from drivers. Travel with other passengers or alone. Feel free to choose.
Total transparency
You can choose which driver to ride with — each of them has their own rating. Share your trip information and current location via the app.
You set the fare
With inDrive it's up to you to decide how much to pay for a ride. Quote the price for your route, get offers from interested drivers and save on trips!
You will only be driven by drivers who have been thoroughly vetted and undergone a complete ID check.
We work only with professional drivers
A safety button is available in the app. You can send the driver's name, vehicle data, route details, and your current location to family and friends.
Safety during the trip
Each driver has a rating, which you can use as a guide when placing your order.
Driver ratings
Safety and security first!
trips over various distances
1 billion
passengers served
60 million
drivers that we work with
40 million
cities in 37 countries
Popular destinations
Lahore — Gujranwala
Rs 2000
Islamabad / Rawalpindi — Lahore
Rs 2000
Lahore — Islamabad / Rawalpindi
Rs 5 500
Gujranwala — Lahore
Rs 5 500
Our easy-to-use and convenient app has everything you need: offers from drivers, each driver's personal rating, our price negotiation feature, as well as additional services such as courier and freight deliveries.
Easy-to-use and convenient app
How to place an order
You can add a specific address or indicate your pickup location on the map.
Specify the route
We'll show you the average fare for your route in other services.
Offer your price
You will get all price quotes offered by drivers. You select the driver of your choice.
Choose a suitable offer from drivers who responded to your ride request
The app shows you the driver’s current location and time of arrival at your pickup place. The average passenger pickup time is 5 minutes.
You can see the driver’s location on the map
A passenger rating is automatically generated based on its order history, and also depends on the availability of false orders, complaints from the driver about the conflict, unpaid trips.
What is a passenger rating?
You can pay for the ride in cash or via online transfer, having previously indicated this method when placing an order. Payment by credit card is not provided in the service. This makes rides even more profitable, as it allows you to avoid additional bank commission.
Can I pay by card?
On average, rides with inDriver are 20% cheaper than other services. In some major cities, the app shows you the average cost of a ride on the indicated route in other services. You can offer any price, relying on this cost. InDriver has a minimum cost of travel, it can be the same across the city or vary depending on the route, but it will always be significantly lower than the average prices in other services.
How can I set a price if I haven’t taken this route?
The inDrive online passenger transportation aggregator is not a taxi service and is not involved in the relationship of Users. All requests are created, sent and performed by users independently.